Weekly Update: 2/5/24 - 2/11/24

Jessica Colby
Hello Red Dragon Families!
Practice this Week
We have practice Monday-Wednesday this week! Please review this week's calendar as Minis are on Monday, NOT Thursday. We do not have practice on Thursday or Friday. Friday there is a boys high school swim meet at the Moorhead High School. We have a few Red Dragons swimming for the Moorhead High School Team. If you get a chance, stop by and watch some fast swimming! The meet starts at 6PM and it is $6 for adults and $4 for students. 
This past week we have received many notifications of sicknesses of athletes. We have a small coaching staff and if one coach gets sick, practice groups are left without a coach! If your athlete is not feeling well PLEASE do NOT bring them to practice. We want families, athletes, and coaching staff to stay healthy throughout our season! ESPECIALLY as we are less than 30 practices away from Championship Season meets!
Parent Meeting
We have a parent meeting on Tuesday and we will be talking about the championship meets coming up! If you plan on attending a championship meet, please attend this meeting.
ANTOHER FAST MEET FOR THE RED DRAGONS! There was MANY time drops and NEW MRC and state times!!! Awesome job Red Dragons!
NLSA Meet - Meet Information
We will be sending meet information for the NLSA meet when we recieve the meet timeline.
MAC Entries are due on Tuesday! Make sure to get your entries in on time!
MYAS entries have been extended to Thursday! Make sure to get your entries in on time!
MRC Meet - Entries OPEN
The FIRST Championship meet for this season is now OPEN! This is a great end-of-the-year meet for all of our athletes! We hope to have as many Red Dragons attend this meet! This meet requires athletes to achieve certain times to attend. If you go into the meet it will let you know the events they can and can not swim at this meet. I also attached the Short Course Time Standards for Minnesota. The times your athlete needs to achieve is in GREEN but they can not be faster than the RED time. Athletes need to achieve a time in their gender and age. Age is determined the first day of the meet, March 1st. 
PLEASE NOTE: These time standards have NO reflection on our practice groups. Do not associate practice groups with the time standard requirements.
HS Athletes: If high school athletes want to use their HS times they are required to provide a printed report from their HS coach. The report needs to include the date of the meet and name of the meet with every achieved time.
We added more rooms to our hotel block the MRC weekend! We will be staying at the Hampton Inn in Eden Prairie. We have stayed here for the past 3 years!     Click the link below to get your hotel booked now! Hotel booking closes 2/9/24. We plan to have the team dinner on Saturday night at the hotel. 
If your athlete is not USA registered your athlete can NOT attend practice. To register your athlete in USA Swimming please go to our Website, click Registration, click USA Registration Link in blue, and follow the directions from there. 
High School Athletes and Qualifying Meets
If your athlete is attending any meets with our team that require a qualifying time and you want to use their High School times you will need a proof of times report from your High School coach or the results of the meet. You can only use meet results or proof of times for State-level meets or lower. Any Sectional, Zone or National Meets have to be MN High School State Meet, ND EDC or ND State Meet. Any other meet does not qualify them for Sectionals, Zones or National Meets. All proof of times and meet results need to be sent to Coach Jess as many meets will ask for proof of times. Please do not wait to the last minute to send this.
Team Sponsorships
Every year we have sponsorship available for companies you know or may work for! Please take time to share it on your social media or ask your company if they are interested! Below is the link for our team sponsorships! If you have already submitted payment as a sponsor please send us your logo!
Taking a Break?
If you are taking a break this month please let me know by the 25th for your payments to be paused. To know if your payments have been paused go into the GoMotion App and your athlete should be listed as "suspended".
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know,
Jessica Colby
Head Coach
Red Dragon Swimming
"Once a Red Dragon, Always a Red Dragon"